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Maping applications are one of the few applictations that the free alternatives are just not practical to use.
OpenSteetMaps has great maps but is lacking greatly in addresses that are searchable.
This would be fixed very quickly if everyone would enter the addresses of their home and places that they visit.
To do so, create an account at OpenStreetMap.org
After logging in zoom in on the general area of the address that you want to add to the map.
In the top left of the webpage is a button labeled 'Edit' with a drop down arrow to the right.
Click the drop down arrow and select 'Edit with ID'.
The page will reload with a satelite image view.
Zoom in on the address you want to add.
In the top middle of the webpage click the button labeled 'Area'.
Use this tool to outline the building.
To exit the tool click the original spot click with the tool.
On the left 'Select Feature Type' will appear.
Click 'Building Features...'
Click the desired option in the menu such as 'House', 'Commerical Building', etc.
Fill out as much information about the building as you desire.
The most important being the Address and the Name if it is a business.
When done adding the location click the save button in the top right to save the information.
Repeat for the other address that you frequent and pass the message along.
It will take time for the changes that you make to show up on the different mapping apps.
Within a few weeks the changes should show up.
If your going to make use of the app, think about supporting the project financially as well.

Options to access the maps from various devices.

Desktop Linux
 - Web Browser
 - GNOME Maps

  - OsmAnd - This app can be got from the play store or the better option is to get
    it from F-Droid, which is a freedom respecting alternative to the
    play store. The version from F-Droid is the full version and you
    don't need to create an account to get all the maps downloaded to
    your phone.

IPhone - IOS
  - OsmAnd - Can be downloaded from the play store.